the migration of nations

2016.06.25 Saturday




    It is clouded this morning. Weak wind blow. It is relatively cool morning.


    UK decided the secession from EU by the referendum two years later.


    It seemed to be votes of the class of elderly people 50 years or older to have done this decision heavily.


    The biggest pending problem seemed to be the issue of immigration intake.


    In addition, fetters from EU attacked UK nations like jabs.


    It was in recorded history, and Europe has been standardized alternately by influential countries.


    And the cause that the united nation falls is the migration of nations and internal troubles in the united nation.


    Originally EU countries are multiracial nations in the history.


    The time of the unit is necessary for several hundred years so that the sense of values of the nation is unified.


    The nationalism of constitution countries may collapse a system called EU in the near future.


    And a new united nation gains power by all means.


    UK participates in TPP first with China. And EU draws Russia.


    And it is unified TPP&EU.


    It is substantial global united national birth for the conventional United Nations.


    Then how do the world stock prices turn out?


    Does the money order disappear?





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    (My children) fell to (the selection of )the nursery school. what an asshole Japan! ! !

    2016.03.31 Thursday



      It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively chilly morning.

      Interest of the political situation gathers in the blog of the girls talking whom one of mother of the child care generation uploaded in Japan.

      The original:

      (My children) fell to (the selection of )the nursery school. what an asshole Japan! ! !

      The approximate English translation:

      What in neptune's name is going on! Japan!

      Is not one hundred million total active society.

      Perfectly my children fell nursery yesterday.

      What a hell you gonna do!! I cannot play an active part

      I had a baby. I was raising children. I went out to the society. I worked. I'll pay taxes. But I have to say I do.

      What do you discontent of them you?Japan.

      What is the declining birth rate. Shit!

      though I had a child, it is approximately impossible to leave a child at the nursery school as requested.

      Therefore there is not the guy having a child.

      You may make immorality, and it does not matter to receive a bribe. Therefore increase nursery schools.

      You spend tens of billions of yen by the Olympics idly.

      Because you do not matter anymore with an emblem, make a nursery school.

      If there is money to pay a famous designer, make a nursery school.

      What a hell you gonna do!! I must leave the company.

      Fuck you!Japan

      Do the children's allowance to 200,000 yen!! If you do not increase the nursery.

      Not be increased even nursery school.

      Children's allowance is also unable to pay only a few thousand yen.

      But I'm want to declining birthrate somehow.

      Is there a good story of such insects?


      Country do not let lay the children, what are you gonna do about it?.

      Because the people who give birth to a child is a lot if there is money,

      The time being,

      Put out the money!

      Do the all the costs of children in free of charge!

      Select the guy that makes prickly pear or receive bribes or adultery, if laid off about half of the parliamentarians, It will make financial resources.

      Ffs! Japan!

      Working together couples increase from the economic reason in Japan.

      Therefore entering a kindergarten applicants rush in a nursery school having a long childcare time.

      However, the preparation for acceptance of the downtown area is poor.

      Hidden waiting children. 60,000 people.

      The way of thinking for the childcare of Japanese mother is conservative.

      If baby-sitters and the small private nursery school are dangerous, they recognize them.

      The local administration does not give patente easily, too.

      Even if Prime Minister Abe appeals for nursery school enlargement loudly.

      Therefore this blog was created.

      Of course. There are arguments for and against.

      However, this blog has power to move the political situation of one country.

      Why don't everybody upload imminent dissatisfaction in a sentence of the girls talking, too?

      Possibly war may disappear from the world.

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      before the mirror

      2016.03.25 Friday


        It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively cold morning.

        We always have love and intelligence.

        If it insists on its originality, the culture seems to be able to maintain inherent form.

        A custom. A lifestyle. A language. Thinking process. Religion. etc...

        Therefore the mutual understanding of cultures seems to be difficult.

        It seems to be love and intelligence to help with coexistence of the culture to have such an exclusiveness which it is hard to avoid.

        However, war and terrorism are frequent in all parts of the world.

        People who refused the entry of the pagan came out because of too much fear in the United States.

        Most of them are the Americans who received many culture education for many years.

        There is the candidate using the uneasiness of people for presidential race.

        Fanatics who force their sense of values by military power, and are going to take democracy and freedom.

        It is to be able to say to both sides.

        And possibly used both weapons may be weapons which oneself produced.

        We may fight against oneself before the mirror.

        Until the mirror is broken, and oneself loses anyone.

        The human is ruined sometime soon.


        Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade

        Sun Goddess

        2016.03.14 Monday


          It rains this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively cold morning.

          It is the presidential election in the United States.

          The opinion of each country begins to be divided by refugees measures in EU.

          War and internal troubles continue every year in the Middle East.

          China pushes forward the marine advance by the military power in Southeast Asia.

          North Korea fires missiles and threatens Korea and the United States.

          Russia keeps stillness.

          It is the Upper House election in Japan.

          It may be by any chance both houses of Representatives and Councilors election.

          The economic activities of people of the world are tight at each level.

          Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeals for the early revision of the peace constitution that declared war renunciation.

          Mr. Donald John Trump of the candidate in the Republican Party of the President of the United States says by a pledge.

          He seems to secure the employment of the own nation by removing foreign people working for low wage.

          His unrealizable frank remarks are popular with many American nations.

          There is unusually some that suspicious atmosphere in the world.

          The big war between large countries rolling up many countries.

          G7 summit meeting Ise-Sima2016 is held in Japan in 5/26,27.

          In G7 summit meeting Ise-Sima2016, people of the world want leaders to build each frame which there are economic activities in peace at home and abroad other than conventional existing themes.

          The mental prop becoming the ground of people of the world is necessary for it.

          Ise-Sima which is close to Ise Grand Shrine enshrining ancestral god of the Japan Imperial Family & total patron saint of the Japanese citizen : Sun Goddess Amaterasu Oomikami is the best place.

          Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade


          Rome was not built in a day!

          2016.01.09 Saturday



            It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively cold morning.

            Low fat yogurt seems to be good.

            We seem to take in 200 grams every day.

            When we take in vegetables and oligosaccharides together, it seems to be better.

            Lactic acid bacteria included in the yogurt make enteral environment better, and most disease troubles seem to be prevented.


            Everyday slight consideration maintain health.

            An Italian proverb.

            Roma non fu fatta in un giorno!

            Rome was not built in a day!

            The world peace may be same, too.

            When we do not change the everyday lifestyle, the diseases & terrorism recur again.

            Anything cannot be settled only by operation & military power.

            It is bacteria to bacteria!

            It is religion in religion!

            It is thought in thought!

            Because they take in something promoting effects with them, they may regain healthy, peaceful life.

            Like the friendship and the dignity that Japanese citizens got from the United States after the Pacific War.

            Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade

            routines with happiness

            2015.12.29 Tuesday


              It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively cold morning.

              Yesterday was the last business day of the year in Japan.

              We clean the office from morning and take out garbage.

              We get words and a present of the appreciation from a manager afterwards.

              And sake and a dried cuttlefish said to be lucky from old days are served.

              And it is Party closing with a single clap.

              It is Simplified manner of the original 3 sets of 3-3-7 claps.

              Most government offices & big companies enter for New Year holidays.

              It is year-end general cleaning today in most families from morning.

              And we go to the market for preparations for New Year holidays from the afternoon.

              Decorative pine branche.

              sacred Shinto rope with festoons.

              round mochi cakes

              Meat. Fish. Crabs. Boiled beans. Rice cakes. A salted salmon. Dried fish. It is also soba for the seeing the old year out. etc ...
              There were war at home and abroad in Japan from old days, but the custom of the nation is inherited ceaselessly.

              It is a routine with happiness.

              What kind of routines does world everybody have?



              a chain an earth

              2015.12.02 Wednesday


                It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively cold morning.

                COP21 is held in Paris.

                It is the spot where there were the synchronized terrorist attacks that 130 people were sacrificed.

                President Hollande of France says that COP21 is the opportunity indicating the war on terrorism.

                "The opportunity indicating respect for freedom and the will to fight against extremism"

                greenhouse gas emissions and terrorism have the same root.

                It is nearsighted fight for hegemony and economic activities between developed countries.

                ◆ The ranking according to the world carbon dioxide (CO2) discharge country. 
                1980-2014 [a unit: 1 million tons]
                1 China 9,761.07
                2 United States 5,994.56
                3 India 2,088.02
                4 Russia 1,657.22
                5 Japan 1,343.11
                6 Germany 798.58
                7 Korea 768.34

                ◆ The ranking according to the world weapon export country.
                1990-2014 [unit :mil.US$] 
                1 United States 10,194
                2 Russia 5,971
                3 France 1,978
                4 U.K. 1,704
                5 Germany 1,200
                6 Spain 1,110
                7 China 1,083

                We expect the life that is full of mental & economically.

                And feelings move a country through politicians.

                greenhouse gas emissions is the result.

                When a country realizing the feeling does not exist, it produces terrorists.

                It is a chain of the sad death.

                We stop and must calm a feeling.

                Talks are necessary for any people under any circumstance.



                Japanese hospitality OMOTENASI

                2015.10.20 Tuesday



                  This morning is slightly cloudy weather. The wind does not blow. It is relatively chilly morning.

                  The Japanese ancestor is the Jomon people who prospered until approximately 2,000 years ago for approximately 10,000 years.

                  It is the Stone Age.

                  From the distribution of the blood type Gm gene which could distinguish the difference in races, it seemed to become clear that the Japanese ancestors went south from Russian Lake Baikal.

                  Possibly the Japanese may be connected to the Russian by the gene level.

                  And the study of the Y chromosome which led to a son from father advanced rapidly, and the search for Japanese origin accelerated it at a stretch.

                  The ancestral Homo sapiens of the human was greatly divided into three groups 150,000 years ago and left in Africa.

                  All three genes came over to the Japanese Islands. Such an example is rare all over the world, and it means that a characteristic of Japanese people is hidden here.

                  It may be this influence that many Japanese can share feelings with people of the world intuitively.

                  The group which went south from the shore of Lake Baikal, and lived in the North China went south more to escape from pressure of the Han race.

                  And they came over to the Japanese Islands and formed the core of Jomon people.

                  The people of the Mainland China & Korean Peninsula destroyed by the Han race fled into the Japanese Islands afterwards.

                  The Japanese ancestral Jomon people accepted them.

                  They gradually adapted themselves to the Japanese world. And they taught Japanese people their high techniques.

                  It is a beginning in Yayoi period in Japan.

                  The Japanese accepted foreigners in each time and developed.

                  Japanese hospitality OMOTENASI is tradition work from the pasts.

                  The refugees who suffer from tyranny, and escape exist now all over the world.

                  Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade

                  all in the human brain

                  2015.10.09 Friday


                    It is fine this morning. The wind does not blow. It is relatively comfortable morning with cloudless sky.

                    Soccer: World Cup Asian second qualifier Thursday, October 8, 2015 Syria vs. Japan (Oman sieve sports stadium)

                    The Japanese team defeated the Syrian team in 3-0 and made the World Cup point 10. And the Japanese team went up in the first place of second qualifier E.

                    In Syria, the dispute intensifies now.

                    Russia participated in the dispute in Syria.

                    This is because it maintains the Assad Administration system.

                    They passed to several generations, and the people of the Middle Eastern Asia region experienced much war from the earliest times between religion and races.

                    And nation-building people in this area maintained national polity by the strong armaments and domestic control.

                    Pushing of the Great Powers countries was necessary for it.

                    Maintenance of the national polity protects democracy in all countries.

                    The history mechanism is repeated this time.

                    The American Obama Administration remains to be seen for participation in a war of Russia for the moment.

                    The Japanese experienced many civil wars until approximately 400 years ago, too. And the Japanese experienced the rule by the samurai and the rule by the military regime afterwards.

                    And the liberalism system continues to date after the military regime lost World War II approximately 70 years ago.

                    There was several domestic terrorism even after becoming the liberalism system.

                    Many victims by much war and terrorism appear in Japan until now.

                    All war embodies all in the human brain.

                    All the human beings are sad creatures!

                    Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade

                    one single-mindedly

                    2015.10.05 Monday



                      It is clouded this morning. Weak wind blow coolly. 

                      It is a chilly day.

                      12 countries seemed to agree at TPP cabinet minister meeting held in United States Atlanta in principle.

                      American VS Australia

                      "The protection period of the bionew medicine"

                      Japanese VS New Zealand

                      "The duty abolition of dairy products"

                      These adjustment work finally ran into difficulties.

                      TPP is originally substantial discussion for economic cooperation of each country.

                      So the result must let all fields minimize the political side.

                      Otherwise it becomes similar to APEC lacking in substance.

                      China, Russia, India may explore the TPP participation in the future, too.

                      The world where the people of various countries interchange by uniform economic cooperation equally.

                      Possibly it may be a splendid thing.

                      Mao Asada of Figure skater who rested for one year returned by the Japan Open of the day before yesterday.

                      We were impressed by her performance splendid powerfully.

                      If a human being surely faces each other about one single-mindedly, we may find means of escape naturally.

                      Show courage!


                      Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade