splendid festival!

2014.04.05 Saturday


    Weather changed busily today. It is fine now. Wind does not blow. It is a relatively cool day.

    I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival of Camp Zama today.

    Many people came!

    It was unfortunate rain, but was very fun.





    The cherry trees are beautiful, too!



    I went with the Kayoko teacher of the lecturer at our school piano&English and interchanged with many Americans.

    Kayoko teacher lived in Washington D.C. for a long time and was the teacher of the piano.

    Her existence was very reassuring!

    She is almost American!

    I want to come again next year.

    Festival members of the executive committee of Camp Zama!

    Thank you for such a splendid festival!!



    JUGEMテーマ:No Music, No Life

    Nekogahora rues de Nagoya et Yokohama Atsugi promenade